Sweet November

Can you believe it is November already? I can't believe October is over already...and this year is starting to come to an end. The older I get, the faster the years pass me by...geesh!

I'm starting this November off with a massive migraine. Fantastic. Just took my medicine...and I'm going to rest...after this outfit post that is. Can you tell I'm in agony in these pictures? Because I am.

skirt- Lux, available at Urban Outfitters
top- Old Navy
jacket- H&M
tights- Simply Vera, available at Kohl's
boots- Candie's, available at Kohl's
necklace- H&M

This past weekend we got a bunch of snow here in Pennsylvania (I'd guess around 6-7"). Luckily it's melting fast. I hate snow!!! Know what else I hate? Losing power. I probably shouldn't be complaining since we only lost our electricity for two hours on Saturday during the storm...and I know a lot of you lost it for much longer than that (I hear some people are still without it?!?). As you can see, my dog Rocko had a great time playing with my husband out in the mess.