The Blue Stitch

I don't know what the weather is by you...but it is pouring rain here. I swear it has rained Tuesdays/Wednesdays for the last month or so. The wind is so loud it is scaring my pour little dog. And we are suppose to wake up to snow on the ground. Needless to say, my outfit pics had to be taken inside today.

I have to say, I'm BEYOND excited to tell you all about this adorable tote made specifically for Snapshot Fashion by The Blue Stitch. This lilac and black bag has an assymetrical flap, three buttons (on each side), and an adorable vine print. Isn't it too cute? Well, it's your lucky day...The Blue Stitch has made this tote available for all of my readers for only $40! Please note that this tote is handmade so even though they will be the same design, not every bag will look absolutely identical. Be sure to contact The Blue Stitch today to order your tote!!!

shirt- H&M
skirt- Brooklyn Industries
blazer- MNG by Mango
necklace- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Deena & Ozzy
tote- c/o The Blue Stitch

The inside of this bag is great. I love it when my bags have one big compartment. There is also a little pocket which is great to put cell phones or lipstick in, and an attached key chain.

I love the buttons! I love black and purple! I love The Blue Stitch!

How will you rock your Snapshot Fashion tote by The Blue Stitch? Email Heather at The Blue Stitch to order your Snapshot Fashion tote today!

My husband was cracking me up when he took this last picture. Don't ask...

Stay tuned later this week to read the interview I did recently with Heather Forrey (owner of The Blue Stitch). We met over coffee and tea and talked at length about her inspirations for her bags, she showed me her sketches, and just had a lovely conversation. She was too sweet! Thanks again Heather!!!

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