Hurricane Sandy

I wanted to take a moment to talk with my readers about Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm, aka The Super Storm). This deadly hurricane has hit so many areas...even here where I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have to say, we were very lucky. A lot of rain and very strong winds, but overall the damage was quite minimal.

I sit here watching CNN and MSNBC nonstop, and the stories and images of the damage is heartbreaking. I lived in Hoboken, NJ for two years, and I wouldn't doubt that both of my apartments there are more than likely under water. I also lived in the East Village in New York City for four and a half years...and the images I have been seeing are just beyond anything I could imagine. A block or two from my old apartment in NYC cars were under water! UNDER WATER! I just can't believe that.

I do have a lot of friends and family that live in New Jersey, Manhattan, Long Island, and Connecticut and I hope they all are well. I have heard from a number of my loved ones but not everyone. There are a ton of power outages that are going on all over the place though. Everyone is in my thoughts and I really hope they are all okay.

Did Sandy strike where you live? Please share your stories.