Help Me Pick A Maid Of Honor Dress

I'm super excited for May to roll around. My dear friend Holly, who I have been friends with since high school, is getting married! She even asked me to be her Maid of Honor...which was the sweetest thing ever. She's been the most easy going bride ever, but then again I didn't expect a bridezilla out of her. Since the wedding party is very small (just me, the best man, and her fiance's daughter as the best daughter) I get to pick my own dress. All she cares about is that my dress is emerald. Can you believe she picked that color before it was named color of the year?

Such a very old photo of us (I think about 6 years old or so)...but I love it!

The wedding is semi-formal and is going to be held in upstate New York's wine country near the finger lakes. I have been running dress ideas by her for the last few months. I know my dear blogging friends The AsianCajuns asked their readers to help pick Cath's dress for Lar's wedding a year ago...and it was really helpful to them. So hopefully my readers will help me out too!!! These are some that Holly and I narrowed it down to and I want need your opinion! I'm so indecisive, and I know if I don't pick something soon she might start freaking out a little. Haha!

Dress #1- Windy City Dress from ModCloth

Dress #2- Aubree One Shoulder Dress from Ann Taylor

Please let me know which dress you think I should get. Right now I am leaning towards dress #1...but I'm still not sure. HELP ME OUT!!!

*UPDATE: Thanks so much for all of your opinions! After seeing that the majority of you agreed that #1 was the way to go I showed Holly the feedback and she told me to get it. So I just ordered it! Let's hope it fits!!! Thanks again...your help was much appreciated!*