It's a New Year Full of Resolutions

This year my New Year's Eve started out pretty well. I put on a great gold lace dress, threw some pink Hypercolor streaks in my hair, and a faux fur jacket. No parties planned, no huge celebrations...but my husband and I went out for an amazing Thai dinner around the corner from our apartment. We are still exploring our neighborhood in NYC and we came across quite a gem for dinner, Spice. Dinner was fantastic...and we ate Then we decided to just come home and spend some time with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin...because celebrating NYE without them would just be bad luck or something. While I was watching I realized that my dog and husband were nowhere to be found. They were in bed...sleeping! So I woke them up like 15 minutes before the clock struck midnight. I guess we're getting a little too old for staying up late. And to think we even napped! *sigh*

What did you do to celebrate? Did you go out to a party or stay in for a low key celebration?

This year I made a handful of resolutions for myself...

1) Network and be social. I feel like this is super important this year. I just moved back to NYC, and a lot of my friends that I had here have moved away. So I really want to meet some new people and network to grow Snapshot Fashion and my photography business.

2) Get off my butt and lose some weight. Yes, I know I'm not overweight or anything...but I am for me. I'm extremely out of shape, and since I do have a heart condition I want to be more healthy and in shape. The last two years I haven't done much as far as exercise in concerned...and my waistline can prove it.

3) Use my degrees. I have my B.A. in art history, and my M.A. in museum professions (with a concentration in museum education) and I would love to finally put this education to use. I definitely would love to try to get a gallery/museum job!

Did you make any resolutions???

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's Eve and here's to a great 2013!