Must Love Fashion Websites

I have to admit, I do the majority of my shopping online. I can hear you now, "but Diane you live in NYC...why would you do this?" There are a few reasons for my madness:

1) I hate dealing with crowds and lines.
2) I feel like I'm such a common size that often I have a hard time finding my size in stores. Seems like when I go to an actual store there is always an abundance of size 0 or size 14...and nothing close to what I wear.
3) What I hate most about shopping in a busy area like NYC is that sometimes the stores are a mess. Not always, but depending where you's just a disaster.
4) I don't have to carry things home with me if I just order online.
5) Sometimes I just hate trying things on...

Online shopping is so much easier! Don't you agree?

Here are the online shopping sites that I'm currently obsessing over. Now I'm not saying they are new...but they are new to me, so maybe they will be new to some of you as well.

Nasty Gal- This site is part up and coming designers and part vintage.

Castor & Pollux- Casual, yet refined...and some of the best accessories you will find.

Proper Topper- They have a little bit of everything, but a large selection of hats. So if you need a hat you gotta check them out!

Les Nouvelles- Versatile, functional, and fashionable...and the website has a fantastic layout.

OTTE- Luxury style meets contemporary designs...they have a number of stores in NYC (their newest one is right near my apartment), but their website lets you have the opportunity to purchase their items without being in the Big Apple.