Elizabeth Anne Shoes

Have you ever gone somewhere and wished that you didn't have to haul your purse along with you? Maybe your husband doesn't want to hang on to your handbag while you are out shopping at the mall. Or think about that Saturday night out dancing with your friends...you don't want to have to worry about your purse. Well Elizabeth Anne Shoes has just invented the first "purse for your feet" calling them "Purse n' Boots". These chic boots are known for their hidden pockets that can hold your credit cards, money, makeup, and even your cell phone (new styles even come with passport pockets). These innovative boots are also known for their high quality leather making them comfortable and long lasting.

"Purse n' Boots" is the creation of 28-year-old Elizabeth Anne LeGear from Vancouver, BC. The idea for these fabulous boots came to her when she was out at a nightclub and went to grab her cell phone from the inside of her boots when the bartender complimented her on the idea of storing her phone in her knee high boots and said she will try doing the same thing too. It was then that the idea to put pockets into boots came about.

Be sure to stop by Elizabeth Anne Shoes to check out her collection (personally I am in love with The European style), as well as their Facebook page. Which pair is your favorite? What do you think of this creative idea?