Vanderpump Fools

Some say it's my dirty little secret. But I'm not ashamed of it. I, Diane of Snapshot Fashion, am obsessed with reality television...particularly the shows on Bravo. I know, I know...some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me. And I have to admit, that is pretty much all I do when I watch these shows is just roll my eyes at the ridiculous "stars" on them.

One of my new favorite shows that I love to hate has to be Vanderpump Rules. I absolutely adore Lisa Vanderpump (she has to be one of my favorite housewives). Her cheeky humor, amazing wardrobe, strong work ethic, and co-star Giggy makes the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all worth it. But her recent spin-off, Vanderpump Rules, is a bit annoying...mainly the mean girl star Stassi.

This aspiring fashion writer recently went off on the show about fashion bloggers. This is what she said to her boyfriend of the time about the column she writes on The Divine Addiction-

“It’s not a blog. I am so over you calling it a blog. Like, seriously. People who blog literally just go on a little website and just upload whatever they write and don’t even re-read what they write.”

Please cue the EYEROLL...

Yes, I know really anyone can have a blog. But not everyone can have a successful blog. I have had my blog for over four and a half years now. From it I have met some amazing people in the fashion industry, networked with other inspiring fashion bloggers, gained a following of dedicated readers, and have even had the opportunity to have some amazing product partnerships. To say that us bloggers are just typing off the cuff without thinking anything through just shows me that she never really spent any time in the fashion blogging community. Personally, I'm proud to be a fashion blogger.

My issue is really with Stassi's negative attitude toward a community of amazing writers, creative storytellers, and funky fashionistas. I really do wish Stassi and the site The Divine Addiction the best of luck. I have checked out her column, and I honestly don't see any difference from things that are posted on my favorite fashion blogs. She often talks about trends and shows outfit posts of how to wear her favorite items.

I want to know, what do you think of what she said? Did it offend you as much as it offended me? Do you think blogging is a bad word???