This Weekend Is Okay

Dear Brooklyn, over the last few months I'm falling more and more in love with you. Every time I wander down a street I saw to myself, I need to take photos here. Just too many beautiful backdrops in my urban oasis. I can't wait to share more with you all!

How's your weekend going? Mine is okay. Actually, I lie. It's pretty great so far. This afternoon we are probably going to hit up Mimosa Saturday at Brooklyn Industries, which I told you all about yesterday. And tonight we're heading to the East Village to see Bayside! The Musical! Yep, it's a Saved by the Bell parody! Some friends of ours saw it last week and said it was hilarious. We got some half price tickets via Living Social...and I'm so ready for a night of laughter. I'm kind of bummed I couldn't get tickets for next weekend. The real Mr. Belding is starring in it! But it sold out fast. Oh well...that's okay.

coat- Zara
shirt- Joe Fresh
tights- they were a gift
purse- Nila Anthony

I'm definitely okay with this heatwave we're having (not sure if 40s and 50s are considered a heatwave...but in February here in NYC I'm going to say it is!). Jump if you are ready to spring into spring!!!