Mini Getaway: San Francisco

Well I've been back from San Francisco for not quite a week...but I have been meaning to share photos of my trip with you all week long. Some of you probably have seen some of them already (especially if you follow my instagram, personal Facebook account, Twitter, or my photography's Facebook account)...but for those of you that haven't, here we go!

Alamo Square was one of my favorite spots in the city! The homes were stunningly beautiful, with an amazing view of downtown...and of course it reminds us all of Full House!

I couldn't get enough of the Golden Gate Bridge. Even standing in front of didn't seem real. Who knew a bridge could be so pretty!?!?!

My husband's favorite picture of the trip.  :)

Having fun on the beautiful sidewalks of San Fran!

This was the house that Chris lived in when he lived in San Francisco. My husband was so shocked that they changed the colors of the house since he moved (over 10 years ago!).

Our friend Christina took about 8 photos of this AMAZING jacket that some random girl was wearing in the bar we were in. Hello San Francisco fashion! Loving it!!!

Hanging out with our dear friend Christina. Be sure to check out her amazing music.

Yes, I did use the Valencia filter in instagram on this photo. I'm so nerdy.

Mid bark.

They are so cute...but they smelled so bad.

The colors in this scene literally stopped me in my tracks. I had to take a photo of them...they were so pretty! Soon after a crazy man jumped out from behind a tree branch he was hiding behind, making me scream. Everyone on the sidewalk laughed at me. Ugh.

We had the one of the best meals in San Francisco ever here. It was amazing! Head to Valencia in the Mission District to Range was so over the top fantastic. The kale salad I started with was the best kale of my life. The drinks were over the top! And the best part was they gave these teeny tiny vanilla macarons with our check. They were so good I just melted in my seat. If I ever go back to SF, I will be heading there again.

Such a great trip! We really needed that...even though it was only a few days. We literally haven't had a real vacation like this in like five and a half years. Where to go to next...

Any ideas?????