Tips 'n Tricks

You can never have too many beauty tips and tricks up your I right? I thought it would be fun to share my favorite tricks with you all. They are all very simple...but they definitely do come in handy. So, here goes---

Best product for keeping your hair free of flyaways: DRYER SHEETS. If your hair is a little out of control, just take a dryer sheet and rub it through your hair. Use the scent free kind if you don't want your hair to smell like laundry (not like that is a bad thing).

Best way to keep your old clothing looking new: DISPOSABLE RAZORS. When your clothing starts to pill all you have to do is shave it! Seriously. This really works. Your clothing will be good as new. Just make sure you use a razor without any gel strips on it (duh!).

Best eye makeup remover: VASELINE. Just a little dab will go a long way. Sometimes I think this actually works better than makeup remover wipes.

Best lip gloss: VASELINE. I use this all the time. It makes your lips super shiny, and stays on for a very long time. No other gloss compares. Sometimes if I want a little color added I will crush up some eyeshadow and add it to the Vaseline. 

What are some of your favorite beauty tips??? Please share!!!