*Snapshot Fashion on Instagram*

Just as quick as Monday came around, it's already over. Thank goodness! I don't know about you, but Monday's are my busiest day of the week. Especially since I had off last Friday...I was playing catch up today. Looks like I'll be doing the same thing next week since I have this Friday off too (not that I'm complaining! Hooray for Summer Fridays!!!). 

I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend though. I might be hanging out with a friend on Friday and going back to my most favorite Chinese restaurant ever...Saturday is my 6 year wedding anniversary and we're planning on celebrating at Public (just like we did last year)...and Sunday afternoon I get to meet 1/2 of Asian Cajuns since Lar will be in town!!!

Until I start counting down the days to an awesome weekend, let me recap this past week.

I love my dog. I love Pimm's cup. And I really love dog friendly bars (so does my dog).

This picture is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken on my phone. Rocko loves hanging out by the waterfront. It's so peaceful to him.

This was an insanely early dinner at Allswell. Love this place. Love their wallpaper.

NEWSFLASH: I wore pants last week. That never happens. Halfway through the day I remember why...pants never fit me right. Give me my dresses and skirts any day!

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