Look of the Day- Let's Rock!

Look of the Day

1) Motel Clutch Zip Bag available at Motel Rocks- $30 
2) Pop the Champagne Tee available at T+J Designs- $32
3) Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Fine Through Earrings available at ASOS- $22.85
4) Black Fringe Leather Skirt available at Pixie Market- $62
5) Rykie by Steven by Steve Madden available at Piperlime- $109

Friday is here people! Now let's go out and live it up! I started my weekend a tad bit early by taking the day off. But, it wasn't all fun and games. I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and the L train left me down BIG TIME. After waiting on a train sitting in the Bedford station they made us get off of it after 20 minutes as it was not going to run. So there I was scrambling to get on the bus to take the J to the 5...to the Upper East Side. UGH! If you live in my neighborhood you know how annoying it is when this happens. 

Anyway...my weekend is here...and I'm going to enjoy it! Great autumn weather, hitting up an event at Space Ninety 8 tonight, and probably going to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar tomorrow night. 

What are your weekend plans???