Halloween- Last Minute Ideas

Happy Halloween everyone! It's been about nine years (yes, I said nine years) since I dressed up for Halloween. I always love dressing up. Getting my husband to seem excited about joining in on the fun is another story. But this year we have some amazing costumes planned. We're dressing up as Andy and Brand from The Goonies. I cannot wait! I'll be posting photos tonight on my Instagram...so stay tuned.

Here's a sneak peek of the sweater I made for my Andy costume.

It seems this year that sooooo many people I know are putting together last minute costumes because they don't know what to be. Some of my friends still don't know what to be...and others just figured it out yesterday! Since I personally know so many people with this issue this Halloween...I'm sure some of my readers might be in the same pickle.

Here are some super simple ideas that you might be able to put together from your own closet:

-A pin-up girl: wear a pin-up style dress, curl your hair, bust out your eyeliner and red lipstick. See, you can look adorable for Halloween and not look slutty. Check out some of my favorite pin-up style hair/makeup tutorials by Cherry Dollface.

-Bridesmaid/Prom Queen/Miss USA Winner: wear a formal dress that you have in the back of your closet. Add some flowers, a sash, a tiara...whatever.

-Mime: black and white striped shirt, black pants or skirt, beret, and some face paint.

-Sailor: everyone has something nautical in their closet. Break out the red, white, and blue...and anything with stripes and stars on it!

Another way to go is just wear something very simple and do some amazing makeup. Here are some fantastic tutorials:

The Girl with Many Eyes

Creepy Cheshire Hat

Breakfast at Zombie's

Bambi Deer

Halloween Leopard Cat

Comic/Pop Art Character

I hope some of these ideas helped inspire you! Please let me know what you plan on dressing up as. Happy Halloween!!!