Resolutions for 2015

Another year over. Can you believe it is 2015?! Where did 2014 go?

Every year I try to make resolutions, and like many of you they don't end up sticking. Maybe if I call them guidelines or lifestyle changes I'll have a better chance of following them through.

My 2015 resolutions guidelines lifestyle changes are as follows:

1) Keep up with Snapshot Fashion more. After six and a half years since I started this blog I have found myself getting writer's block and bored with stale material. I'm thinking 2015 calls for more personal style posts (which I always dread doing...but everyone seems to love them). Any and all ideas for future posts are always appreciated!

2) No more nail biting! I have done this since I was a kid...and it's so gross. I look at my fingers and cringe in embarrassment. Every year I make this a resolution, and every year I keep on biting away. But this madness has to stop. Now.

3) Go to the gym more (and if I lose weight I'll be happy). I typically try going 4-5 times a week...but only end up going maybe once or twice a week. I blame this on me not being a morning person, which is true since I go before work. This means I have to wake up at 5:15am for a morning workout. Ugh! Time to be a big girl and just deal with it.

4) Start traveling more. I need to get a new passport, which is on my to do list. Over the last few years we haven't gone many places...and I don't know what we are waiting for. This year calls for some adventure!!!

5) Become more social. I'm an introvert so this is particularly hard for me. Time for me to get out of my comfort zone, make some new friends, and get together more with the ones I already have.

What are you planning as your lifestyle changes for 2015???