Look of the Day: Call Me Maybe

Look of the Day
1) Call Me Phone Clutch available at Pixie Market- $72
2) Zippered V-Neck Crop Top available at Forever 21- $17.90
3) Gloria Earrings available at DANNIJO- $70
4) Stacked Hooded Sandals available at LOFT- $89.50 plus 30% off with the code LOVELOFT
5) Pencil Skirt with Scallop Hem available at ASOS- $40

A classic outfit with a quirky accessory...this look is perfection to me!!! #tooadorableforwords

Look of the Day- Cute As A Button

Look of the Day

1) Mea available at DANNIJO- $68
2) Thrown into the Mixtape Top by Trollied Dolly available at ModCloth- $59.99
3) THEWHITEPEPPER Boat Crossbody Bag available at ASOS- $73
4) RES Denim Harry's Hi Short available at Nasty Gal- $98 $68.60
5) Barley There Strappy Heeled Sandals available at Missguided- $50

Just because you want to wear shorts when the weather is warmer doesn't mean you have to dress like a slob. What I love about this look is that it is sexy, sassy, and totally comfortable. I'd say this look is perfect for a date night. Don't you just love it?

Look of the Day- Playing It Cool

Look of the Day

1) Moto Stripe V Front Dress available at Topshop- $76 
2) Guthrie Necklace available at DANNIJO- $720
3) Zoe Hat available at Banana Republic- $49.50
4) Gone Boho Strappy Sandals available at Forever 21- $29.80
5) Mimosa of All Bag by Nica available at ModCloth- $84.99

I always say, when you really don't know what to wear, just keep it simple. There is nothing easier than throwing on a dress with a statement necklace and topping it off with a hat. You end up looking chic and it was a look that really took no effort. Such a great look for hanging out on a summer day!

Simple is always better...don't you agree?