The Bold And The Beautiful

dress: Calvin Klein thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co./ sandals: H&M/ horse pin: a gift from my friends at Bob Mackie

Yes I wear black (a lot)...but I really am a sucker for a bright and bold print (especially when hot pink is involved in it!). So you knew I couldn't say no to this amazing Calvin Klein dress. I picked it up at Crossroads Trading Co. last weekend. Not only did it fit me perfectly, but I don't think it was ever worn. The pockets were still sewn shut. Can you believe it? And better yet, it was only $27.50!!!

Enjoying the ever so slight breeze...

Tonight we're going to finally go see Trainwreck, and I cannot wait! We've been meaning to go for the last few weeks but our plans kept changing. But tonight is the night. Sitting in air conditioning this evening sounds like the perfect plan to me!

This weekend is going to be another hot one. Stay cool everyone!

Red Lips, Rompers, and Rocko

floral romper- Forever 21 | platform sandals- H&M

My favorite summer item has got to be rompers! I adore dresses, but when I'm walking around the neighborhood with my dog in hand it's very difficult to be holding down my dress every time it gets breezy. Know what I mean? Rompers let me be carefree...and not flash everyone while doing so!

Chris and I brought Rocko out for a walk early this morning...because, brace yourself, it's going to be another disgustingly hot day. The poor guy just can't handle this heat, and to be honest neither can I. I know it is only August 1st, but can it be autumn already??? Please?

This weekend is going to be full of dogsitting Rocko's friend Junior (he's so much fun!), oyster happy hours, regular happy hours, and air conditioning. Sounds pretty perfect to me. 

Oh yeah, if you haven't checked it out yet...Rocko has his own Instagram account. Friends have been telling me to start one for him for quite some time now, and I finally gave in. Follow him and his adventures at: rockothelhasapoo.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Slightly Tropical

dress- H&M | sandals- Kelsi Dagger available at Lord & Taylor | necklace- old (got this from a roadside stand near the Grand Canyon many years ago)

Since it is definitely feeling like a hot summer day today I thought it would be very appropriate to dress slightly tropical. A pineapple dress would be perfect for the occasion, don't you agree? And I absolutely love these white sole sandals. Is anyone else digging this trend?

This morning my husband and I went to brunch in the East Village. This is crazy for us because for some reason I feel like we almost never leave our Brooklyn neighborhood on the weekends. Had a great brunch at Frank, where we sat outside and drank bellinis. Does life get better than that?

Next we're heading out to a puppy pool party at Artists & Fleas. We went last year and Rocko had a blast. Last year he won the friendliest dog in the pool award...I wonder what/if he'll win this year. Let's hope he has as much fun this year. I'm sure I'll be posting on my Instagram and Snapchat, so follow along! :-)

Later on we'll be cheering on the USA as the final game of the Women's World Cup is played. I can't wait! Have you all been watching it the last few weeks? I've been obsessed.

I hope you all are having a great holiday weekend!!!