Lookin' Fab

Mila Kunis looked lovely in this long sleeve minidress that she wore in London the other day. She's a tiny girl...but her legs look a mile long with this hemline.

The mod 60's style look is definitely a must have for the fall. The other day I was browsing H&M's website and they have so many long sleeve minidresses. I gotta have this look for the fall. But some of the hemlines are a tad bit short for me...I think I'm past that age...

What do you think of this look? Love it on Mila? Want it for yourself???


Lovely in Lilac

I have been dreaming about lilac dresses ever since I saw Mila Kunis in her fantastic Academy Awards gown on Sunday. This purple hue is so soft and beautiful, and the lace is so lovely. This dress is definitely my favorite look from the Oscars...and not just this year...but probably of all time!

I know that lilac shade is going to be a huge color for spring. I remember back in high school I had an adorable lilac suit (cropped jacket and mini skirt...very 1960's inspired) that I wore all the time. How I wish I still had it. Well, looks like I need to get a lilac outfit into my wardrobe. Here are some great lilac dresses that would look great in your closet (and mine).