Favorites: Red Lipstick

Pink may be my favorite color, but when it comes to lipstick red is my go to hue. I'm usually wearing red lipstick about 90% of the time...and even that isn't nearly enough. Since I often get asked what shade of lipstick I'm wearing, I thought it would be fun to put together my current five favorite lip colors that are in my makeup bag. What I love about all of these is how long they last. Long lasting red lipstick is super important to me! I don't want to be applying it every few hours.

To me this color is the purest red I have found. When you think red lips, you think Russian Red!

This is a brighter red with a slight orange tint to it. It instantly brightens up my face when I wear it.

This shade of red is leaning a little more to the violet and berry end of the spectrum. I wear this for a more dramatic and sultry look.

This feels like a gloss, but holds up like a stain. This shade of red leaves my lips looking like I just ate a bowl full of cherries.

When I really want bright and bold lips I wear this lip stain. This color literally lasts all day and it isn't drying like how stains typically are.

Do you have a favorite shade of red? Please share it in the comment section below...as I'm always wanting to try out new makeup (especially when they are recommended). 

Beauty Buzz: My New Favorite Lipstick

A few weeks ago I saw a commercial for Revlon cosmetics starring Olivia Wilde. She was wearing Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipcolor...and the shade she had on was so pretty it literally stopped me in my tracks. Typically commercials don't make me rush out to buy a product...but I had to have this!

I adore long wear lipcolor, but what I hate is when you get a color that looks awful and it's stuck on your lips for 12-24 hours. I thought I'd bite the bullet and try the exact same color (Backstage) that Olivia had on in the campaign. It's a bit darker (like a deep wine color) than I typically wear...but such a great shade!

What I really love about this lipcolor is just how flawless the coverage is. It lasts all day, the color is intense, and it's not sticky or drying. Best of all there are 20 shades...so you will most certainly find one that works for you!

Have you tried this product yet? What are your thoughts on it?