Flashback Friday

Blondes may have more fun (or so they say), but not everyone looks good as a blonde. Recently we all noticed Anne Hathaway's blonde locks...and I made it very known that I was not a fan. I love Anne, but sometimes us brunette gals need to stick to our roots! With my skin tone I know I could never pull of a blonde hairstyle.

I thought it would be fun to look back at some photos of celebrities that have gone a little crazy with the bleach and Sun-In. It takes some guts to try a new hair color...I'll give them that. But I am very happy to see they all learned from these hair disasters.

Bradley Cooper

Katharine McPhee

Emily Blunt

Flashback Friday

Okay this one isn't difficult at all, but the hair and makeup might throw some of you for a loop! I'll give her some credit and blame this look on the 90's. Who is it?

Find out who this is after the jump!

It's Kate Walsh. Yeah that was an easy one, right? Red hair and some more natural makeup really warms up her look. She was so washed out with that blond hair and purple/pink makeup.