Beauty Buzz: OGX

Lately I have fallen in love with a the OGX brand of hair products. I have tried so many of them including: Brazilian Keratin Therapy, Argan Oil of Morocco, and so many others...but my current favorite (which is in my shower right now) has to be the Kukui Oil shampoo and conditioner. It is fantastic.

This product works so great on smoothing my hair on even the most humid of days. Also, my hair feels so thick and strong! Even my husband also uses it and said, "It makes my hair feel so full" which I said, "Better than it making it feel thin!"

What do you think of OGX products? Have you used them before? Which are your favorites?

Please note: this post is strictly my personal opinion. This is not a sponsored post. 

Auburn Is The New Black

I'm always up for a change. I started to feel like I was in a rut with my hair over the last few weeks and knew that I had to do something. Not wanting to cut it, I decided to change up my color! 

On Saturday I went to my favorite hair salon to switch up my look. After coming across some amazing auburn looks on Pinterest (and obsessing over Lily Collins hair) I decided that adding some auburn highlights to my hair and making a richer brown was the way to go...and I love it!!! I'm all about subtle changes.

What are your thoughts on my new auburn look?