Beauty Buzz- Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics

As far as beauty products are concerned the last place you would think of looking would be an olive oil and balsamic store. I would have thought the same thing...but back in May my brother, sister-in-law, and parents opened Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics in Lititz, Pennsylvania and guess what they had? In addition to their amazing olive oils and balsamics they also had olive oil beauty products! As good as olive oil is for your health, it also has excellent benefits for your skin. Soaps, body lotions, shower gels, anti-wrinkle cream, shampoo, name it, they have it!

Olive oil has several key vitamins (such as A, D, E, and K) which act as antioxidants. They keep skin healthy, and more importantly delay the aging of cells. Olive oil also contains squalene, which is a beneficial antioxidant and emollient. With high levels of collagen, these products are natural age defiers.

Their products are made with 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil. They are free of SLS/SLES, parabens, and colorants. No animal ingredients or animal fats are used. They are all gentle, hypoallergenic, pure, and natural. I have tried a number of their products, and what I absolutely love about them is just how moisturizing they are! My skin gets so dry in summer AND in the keeping it moisturized is key. Initially when my family told me about these products I wasn't really sure as to what I could expect. When I think olive oil I think greasy. But that is not the case with these beauty products!

If you are in the Lititz, Pennsylvania area I definitely invite you to stop in to Olio. You will love this store. They let you try their products before you buy them. Sipping olive oils and balsamics (similar to a wine tasting) makes for a fun afternoon. The quality of their products are unlike anything you have ever tried before. Tell them Diane from Snapshot Fashion sent you!  :-)

But, since I know the vast majority of my readers are not from around here I don't want them to feel left out. They do have an online store. You can order their beauty products, olive oils, balsamics, pantry items, sea salts, peppercorns, and gifts on their website.

My brother- Pete

 When you stop by you can taste test all of their products!

 Adorable gifts...perfect for the upcoming holidays!

They even have sample sizes in all of their flavors.