Let It Snow!

So this morning my husband and I decided to go outside and take some photos but Mother Nature was not going to cooperate with us. It started snowing (which I hate)...but I decided to grin and bear it because I had to show you all this fun outfit! Oh the things I do for you guys!

teddy bear coat- Warehouse (bought from  Keiko Lynn 's closet sale:  as seen here ) /  dress- French Connection available at Lord & Taylor  /  tights- Express  /  studded loafers- Zara  / hat- Urban Outfitters

teddy bear coat- Warehouse (bought from Keiko Lynn's closet sale: as seen here) / dress- French Connection available at Lord & Taylor / tights- Express / studded loafers- Zara / hat- Urban Outfitters

With it almost being New Year's Eve, I thought I would do my own little countdown of my ten best moments of 2017.

10. Having our nephew spend some time with us this summer. It was fun seeing the city through his eyes...not to mention every single public bathroom NYC has to offer.

9. Discovering a bunch of new food, restaurants, and bars in the city. You think that we've been here long enough that there are very few things we can try that are new and exciting to us. Jaded New Yorkers...that we are. But This year I tried kimbab (or as some say kimbap, gimbap, or kimbob), found a hidden pinball bar behind a secret door in a laundromat, drank a deconstructed latte, and perfected making my avocado toast.

8. Finally seeing Wicked on Broadway! Yeah, I know I'm like the last person to see this show...but it was perfect and such a great birthday present from my sweetie.

7. Cheering on one of my dear friends as she ran the NYC Marathon. Such an amazing accomplishment for her...and I have to say, our cheer section was pretty epic.

6. Taking part in the Women's March in NYC. I almost didn't attend since I'm not really a fan of crowds, but this was one of the most meaningful experiences I ever had.

5. This might not seem like a best moment to some...but when I healed from my burst appendix. The fact that my body was able to be strong enough to deal with my appendix literally bursting off (they can't even find it now) and not even needing surgery is pretty amazing. I overcame something that could have easily killed me, and now I'm on a mission to keep my body even stronger and healthier than ever.

4. A fantastic trip to Montreal. Even though the weather was terrible we had a great time in that city. Not only did we eat some of the best food ever there (if you're going I can tell you an place for delicious fried chicken), we also saw an awesome show that Franz Ferdinand put on. It was probably one of my favorite concert experiences I have ever had.

3. NYFW F/W 2017 and NYFW S/S 2018. So many shows, so many parties, and great times with friends. I cannot wait for February to roll around so I can do it all over again!

2. My trip to Spain. We had such a wonderful time in Granada and Barcelona, and I cannot wait to go back some day. We had the best food and saw the most beautiful architecture. These memories will live with me forever.

1. Responding to all the sweet comments, kind emails, and encouraging messages from my readers! You guys are all so awesome and make me want to keep putting my all into Snapshot Fashion. I appreciate how you've all hung in there over my slow posts the last couple months...and to all of you that have been with me since this blogging journey started nine and a half years ago! xoxo

What were your best moments of 2017?