Back In Black

You guys know this all too well…but I just love wearing black. But who says black has to be boring? Adding some pleats, a cute belt, sparkle flats, and a puffy headband keeps this look fresh and fun.

HM skirt ASOS flats.jpg
HM skirt ASOS flats Zara headband 1.jpg

Do you have a color you are drawn to and wear all the time? How do you keep it from looking boring?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

You all know that the majority of my wardrobe is made up of dresses and the color black…but I really am trying to expand my horizons and add in different colors and pants to my collection. Do any of you guys get in your comfort zone and have a hard time branching out when it comes to new looks? For some reason I feel like the older I get the harder time I am having doing this. The struggle is real!!!

striped top: J.Crew ,  distressed denim: J.Crew ,  purse: Zara , shoes: Bass, sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

striped top: J.Crew, distressed denim: J.Crew, purse: Zara, shoes: Bass, sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

jcrew striped shirt and denim5.jpeg

I felt it would be fun to dress extra cheerful today…and in my mind there is nothing more happy than rainbow prints (in front of bubblegum pink walls). So cute, so summery.

What colors make you the happiest to wear?

jcrew striped shirt and denim4.jpeg
jcrew striped shirt and denim7.jpeg

I love little details like this adorable bow. Feminine details like this always add a little something special to any look…no matter how simple or casual the outfit is.

jcrew striped shirt and denim8.jpeg

Like this look? Be sure to stop by J.Crew as the top and jeans are both on sale!

Seeing Spots


denim jacket- Zara, top- Vero Moda, pants- 3.3 Field Trip from Aland,  flats- Old Navy , sunglasses- LOFT

denim jacket- Zara, top- Vero Moda, pants- 3.3 Field Trip from Aland, flats- Old Navy, sunglasses- LOFT


Do a high kick if you are excited that summer sunshine is here!


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really looking forward to a long and relaxing weekend. I’m planning on staying in Brooklyn this weekend and hanging out with some of my favorite people (and Rocko). Perfect weekends to me don’t mean going to the Hamptons or the beach or the club. Give me friends, wine, and brunch in my neighborhood and I am one happy girl.


What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?

When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

Hello readers! Yes, I’m still here. It’s been quite a while since I did an outfit post, and I think some of you know why. The last few months have been some of the most difficult of my life.

dress- Amazon ,  denim jacket- Zara , hat- Goorin Brothers,  booties- ASOS , purse- H&M

dress- Amazon, denim jacket- Zara, hat- Goorin Brothers, booties- ASOS, purse- H&M

Let’s flashback to this date last year…on October 6, 2017 I was hospitalized because my appendix had burst. It was a very serious (and very painful) situation. The doctor said it was too dangerous for them to operate and was told that we’d likely do that in 6-8 weeks when it would be safe. After waiting 6-8 weeks, the doctor says my appendix is gone. That it must have burst off and dissolved because is wasn’t showing up in countless CT scans.

Flash forward to early this summer when I was still in discomfort. Something that felt tight and like a heavy balloon in my body had me very worried. I saw a few doctors and they said that I still do very much indeed have my appendix, and they wanted me to get it removed. They also found an endometrioma (from my endometriosis) that they would remove since it was sitting next to my appendix.

I went in for surgery on August 31, 2018 for what was suppose to be a quick laparoscopic procedure. I was told that I’ll likely go home that same day unless there were any complications. So when I woke up in the recovery room and was told that there were some serious complications I knew I’d be spending some quality time at the hospital. Basically, a cyst from my burst appendix and my endometrioma merged into a huge blob and there was no safe way for them to remove them without taking out 4 inches of my large and 4 inches of my small intestines. What a mess.

So over the last month or so I have been recovering very slowly. I’m finally feeling almost back to my normal self. I’m almost back to eating my normal diet and my stitches are starting to dissolve. My tummy has almost deflated back to normal too. I hope to start working out and walking Rocko again in the next few weeks.

Goorin Brothers hat Zara denim jacket close up.JPG

So posting outfit photos on my blog has really been the last thing on my mind. Also, a lot of my clothing isn’t fitting me right now or they are bothering my stitches. So wearing huge muumuus it is! The dress I have one here I actually ordered off of Amazon when I was recovering and still wear it quite a bit.

All I know is that things are starting to look up. I’m trying very hard to be positive and focus on what is important to me. A few months ago I probably wouldn’t have even posted these photos because my dress is slightly wrinkled, there is a slight white mark on it, and my tummy looks so bloated. But today I’m just happy to be alive and not in as much pain as I had been before. I’m happy and that is all that should matter to anyone!

Summer Wish List

With summer literally around the corner I have come to the realization that my closet is not prepared. That being said, I have been doing a lot of virtual window shopping...and my list of "wants" is getting quite long. Here are some of top favorites...

madewell rainbow stripe top.jpg

This rainbow stripe button-front tank top available at Madewell screams summer to me. Paired with jeans, shorts, or a's summer perfection.

seven all around dusty pink sandals.jpg

I have been lusting over these sandals from Seven All Around for some time now. They are available in eight different colors...but the dusty pink pair has won over my heart.

les arcades dress anthropologie.jpg

There is nothing more summer to me than a flowing maxi dress. I'm 100% in love with this Les Arcades Dress from Anthropologie. Don't you just love the colors and details on it?

Caitlin Chloe TWOOBS.jpg

These Caitlin // Chloe TWOOBS sandals are just fantastic. Comfy, tall, and full of sparkles. You could literally wear these with just about anything!

Kate Spade california dreaming surf 3D van purse.jpg

Give me a quirky bag and call it a day! I love purses that are fun and make you smile, just like this California Dreaming Surf 3D Van purse available at Kate Spade.

floral and polka dot print jumpsuit zara.jpg

I adore a romper in during the summer time. The look of a dress with the ease of shorts! I am loving this Floral and Polka Dot Jumpsuit from Zara.

Are you currently eyeing up any particular summer pieces for your wardrobe?