Jumping for Joy

So it's happened. I fell head over heels...for JUMPSUITS!

This jumpsuit in particular is so comfy! It's so light and feels like I'm wearing pajamas. I threw on a pair of Keds and was ready to walk the dog without looking like a total slob.

One thing I'm always very careful about is how different prices for items can be online versus in the store. I'll often do research before I shop to see where I can get the best deal. This week I did something crazy...I just shopped on a whim on my lunch break. No research. Well, after I got back to my office I looked this jumpsuit up online and it was on sale too but in the store I saved another $30! Typically I find sales to happen online that might not be happening in the store. So I was really happy...and lucky. If it was the other way around I wouldn't have a smile on my face while I'm wearing it.

Do you guys ever compare prices online and in the store before you buy? I'm all about smart shopping! Especially here in NYC...I want to make my $$$ go as far as possible.