Trend Alert: Casual Sneakers

To be 100% honest, I'm not a sneaker kind of gal. Never have been. However, over the last year or so I have been kind of obsessed with casual sneakers that I can pair with dresses. Living in NYC you walk a lot...and flimsy, summer sandals just don't cut it if you're walking more than a few blocks. One: your feet hurt, and two: your feet get so dirty. Trust me, it's gross.

Here are a few of my favorite causal sneakers that I think we all need in our closet...


Slip-on Shoes available at H&M- $12.99

I actually just picked up a basic pair of black Vans yesterday that I already can't get enough of. I know I'll be wearing them all summer and fall. They are so cute!

Fresh & Fruity

Fruit prints, navy & red, and a cute dog had Nicole and myself feeling happy today. Well, as happy as you can be after your camera's battery immediately craps out at the beginning of a photoshoot. Who knew you had to replace rechargeable batteries?!?!

On Diane: striped dress- H&M,  sneakers- Keds , sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

On Diane: striped dress- H&M, sneakers- Keds, sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

Know what I love? Finding a dress in my closet that I bought last year at the end of the season and totally forgot I had. Isn't this striped strawberry dress the cutest?

Aren't we just too adorable in our fruit prints? Nicole swears this is the summer of watermelon...but I'm trying to keep things berry fresh!  :-)

I hope you all are enjoying the little bit of summer we have left. Soon I'll be saying farewell to summer Fridays, frozen cocktails, and cute summer dresses...but autumn will be here and that makes me very happy. Not only is it my favorite season, but Chris and I will be heading to Spain (Granada & Barcelona). So if you have any tips for our trip shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

Connect The Dots

When I look through my wardrobe I realize that the majority of my clothing is either: black, striped, or covered in polka dots. Do you guys find yourselves gravitating towards certain colors, patterns, or trends? Or is this me just being basic and boring???

t-shirt- Gap , polka dot jeans- Boden, sunglasses- Urban Outfitters,  sneakers- Keds

t-shirt- Gap, polka dot jeans- Boden, sunglasses- Urban Outfitters, sneakers- Keds

The other week when I went to Keiko Lynn's closet sale I came across these adorable jeans that are embroidered with polka dots. I had to buy them. Also, they were only $5! I mean, if I didn't buy them something would seriously be wrong with me! Right?

Even though today was a little gloomy it was still so lovely to enjoy some cooler weather! After all that extreme heat we had a week ago, I am loving this. It was seriously the perfect morning to hangout on my rooftop terrace and enjoy the Manhattan view. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

Jumping for Joy

So it's happened. I fell head over heels...for JUMPSUITS!

This jumpsuit in particular is so comfy! It's so light and feels like I'm wearing pajamas. I threw on a pair of Keds and was ready to walk the dog without looking like a total slob.

One thing I'm always very careful about is how different prices for items can be online versus in the store. I'll often do research before I shop to see where I can get the best deal. This week I did something crazy...I just shopped on a whim on my lunch break. No research. Well, after I got back to my office I looked this jumpsuit up online and it was on sale too but in the store I saved another $30! Typically I find sales to happen online that might not be happening in the store. So I was really happy...and lucky. If it was the other way around I wouldn't have a smile on my face while I'm wearing it.

Do you guys ever compare prices online and in the store before you buy? I'm all about smart shopping! Especially here in NYC...I want to make my $$$ go as far as possible.

NYC Belongs To Me

Happy 4th of July everyone! No, you won't see me in red, white, and blue in this, you won't see any fireworks...and no, you won't see me prancing around on the beach. I honestly don't like any of those things. But, one thing I love about a long holiday weekend is staying in town when everyone else is away.

striped dress- Kensie  (similar dresses in link), sunglasses- Urban Outfitters,  sneakers- Keds

striped dress- Kensie (similar dresses in link), sunglasses- Urban Outfitters, sneakers- Keds

While everyone else goes to the NJ shore, the Hamptons, or home to visit family I find it so very enjoyable to just stay in NYC and soak up the quiet. It is the perfect opportunity to get into a restaurant or bar that you have been dying to check out but is normally too crowded to get your foot in the door, or even soak up some culture at a play or museum (which trust me will be less crowded!). 

My husband and I have made a list of all the places you need to check out when in NYC on a long holiday week. Just do yourself a favor and check to see if they are open on the actual holiday (many places aren't, so schedule your long weekend accordingly).

Diane says:

For brunch- Rabbithole or 12 Chairs

For dinner- Room Service or Kings County Imperial

For culture- Any Broadway show or MoMA

For drinks- The Commodore (their pina coladas are what dreams are made of!)

For a great view- The Highline or the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

kensie dress keds 2.JPG