Trend Block

Today in our trend block is the hottest accessory of this fall. This autumn get ready to see peacock feathers everywhere!!! I love these looks. They can instantly spice up any outfit. Just make sure if you dare to try this trend you stick to only one peacock accessory...any more than that and you'll look tacky.

These unique Peacock Feather Tights by Look From London, available at Mod Cloth are a funky way of incorporating this trend in our wardrobe. You can get them now for only $29.99.

This Peacock Fedora is a more subtle way of throwing some peacock feathers into your look. This will look perfect paired with a vest over a tee, and some skinny jeans. Get one now for only $19.50 from Alloy.
These beautiful Peacock Earrings are available at Urban Outfitters now for only $18. The look is bold, yet totally classy!
And if wearing feathers isn't your thing...have no worries. You can still totally get into this trend without reaching out of your comfort zone. This Lovely Plumage Umbrella available at Mod Cloth is just what you need! Get one now for $27.99.