Worst Dressed at the 2009 SAG Awards

And now for the worst dressed...

Eva Longoria- wore this Jenny Packham dress...and I really wish she wouldn't have. The color is wonderful on her...but the dress looks like a bad bridesmaid dress from the late 80's. There is just too much fabric and volume in this dress...it swallows her petite frame.

Mickey Rourke- in Dolce & Gabbana. This is just a fright! I mean, did we really expect much from him when it came to fashion? No. But I did hope that he knew basic red carpet etiquette. Posing like Al Bundy while on the red carpet is just a no-no!!!

Emily Blunt- in Pamela Rolland. She looks so uncomfortable...like she couldn't move.

Who did you feel were the worst dressed???