Beauty Flashback

Ever think to yourself...if only I was a celebrity I would never have to worry about my hair or makeup looking bad again. Do you really think that the rich and famous always look (or have looked) picture perfect? Well think again. Maybe it was before they hit it big, maybe they were going through an awkward phase, or even worse...they could have been growing up in the 1980's. Whatever their excuse was, I'm sure these celebs wish that they could burn some of these images...but I guess hair and makeup really is a learning experience.

Pictured are: Jessica Alba, Debra Messing, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tyra Banks, Christina Applegate, Kelly Ripa, Nicole Richie.

From their pictures I think we can all learn something. Less is definitely more...and following the trends of the time will often just end up embarrassing you.

Are there any current beauty or even fashion styles and trends that you think will be cringe-worthy ten years from now?