Snapshot Fashion's Best/Worst Dressed

The other day Us Weekly and People Magazine put out their best dressed lists. Snapshot Fashion thought it would be fun to put together a list of celebrities that we feel are the top ten best and worst dressed. Let's start with best dressed:

10) Rachel Bilson

9) Mandy Moore

8) Zooey Deschanel

7) Gwen Stefani

6) Michelle Obama

5) Cameron Diaz

4) Lindsay Price

3) Lauren Conrad

2) Taylor Swift

And the #1 best dressed celebrity on our list is Diane Kruger!

Now moving on to our worst dressed are our top ten---

10) Lindsay Lohan

9) Solange

8) Fergie

7) Paula Abdul

6) Aubrey O'Day

5) Paris Hilton

4) Juliette Lewis

3) Bai Ling

2) Lady Gaga

And Katie Price (AKA Jordan) comes in at #1 on the worst dressed list.

We want to know who you would put on your top ten best and worst dressed lists. Leave us a comment...we'd love to hear from you!