The Golden Globes

I'm sure many of you know that the Golden Globes were last night. Despite some unfortunate weather, I'd say that the evening was a success. There were only a few dresses that I really couldn't stand. Most of Hollywood really looked fabulous last night. And didn't you just love Ricky Gervais? HILARIOUS!

After the jump you will find what I thought were the best and the worst dresses of the night.

Let's start with my favorite looks of the night---

Emily Blunt looked so amazing last night. This dress was so dreamy. Loved the color on her.

Diane Kruger looked so lovely in pink. Personally, pink is my favorite this dress really spoke to me.

Amy Poehler looked so great in red! Who says wearing red on the red carpet is a bad idea?

Oh Maggie Gyllenhaal! You looked amazing! I love the color and detailing on this dress. So pretty!

Sandra Bullock could not have looked better. The bright purple looked so lovely on her skin tone. And I really liked her hair.

Now let's move on to the looks that I did not like---

Chloë Sevigny, where do I begin? I mean all the ruffles...ugh! To me the dress just looked like something an older woman would wear. It looked like it came our of the closet of one of the Golden Girls. My guess would be Dorothy.

I *hated* this look on January Jones. The big ruffled shoulder and the odd cutouts on the back of the dress. And the headband! All over WRONG!

This dress looked like a big spider web on Jayma Mays. Spiders scare me.

I guess I really shouldn't expect anything else from Mariah Carey. Hair in a pony tail...dress is low cut and tight. Go figure? I really just wish she would start dressing for her age/weight.

I love Sofia Vergara in Modern Family. That show has to be one of my new favorites. But this's awful! It looks like she just wrapped her sheets around her to make a dress. Just blah!

So those were my favorite and least favorite dresses of the night. I want to know who you loved and hated!