Beauty Buzz

My usual hair routine is to wash my hair every other day. If I do it every single day my hair just dries out. Lately, when I skip a day my roots have been getting way too oily for me to stand. So I thought I would try a dry shampoo. I picked up this bottle of Suave dry shampoo at my local Target last weekend. It's so simple to use. Just spray some on your roots, rub it in, and your hair looks fresh and not weighed down. What I love about Suave is that it's so inexpensive (and I had a coupon on top of it!)...and it really works wonders. You wouldn't have been able to tell it apart from a more expensive brand. And the smell..............THE SMELL! This is the BEST smelling hair product that I think I have ever tried.

Are you a fan of dry shampoos? Have you ever tried this product? What's your review on it???