Fashion Icons

After I put up my last post about Roseanne and the less than fashionable wardrobe on the show, it got me thinking about the television shows that I actually looked to for fashion tips when I was younger. Please remember, I grew up in the 80's and 90' looking back now at what was considered hip causes me to laugh (and cringe).

Beverly Hills 90210- They were serious style icons of their time. Over sized blazers with shoulder pads, skin tight mini dresses, acid washed jeans, vests, and bold colors. I loved it all!

Blossom- Who didn't love this show? I always wanted Blossom's (or even Six's) wardrobe. What I would have done to trade my closet with them. Heck, I would have even been happy with their hat collection!

Clarissa Explains It All- Clarissa Darling definitely had the most eclectic, funky, crazy wardrobe on Nickelodeon.

Saved By The Bell- I always loved the way Jessie, Kelly, and Lisa dressed...terrible high waisted jeans and all. And didn't they have the BEST HAIR OF THEIR TIME?

My So-Called Life- Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff brought grunge to a whole new level. One could never have too much flannel...right?

Which shows/characters did you look to for fashion inspiration when you were growing up?