Third and Delaware

I came across this website quite some time ago...and I'm sure some of you have seen it already. This afternoon I started thinking about it again, and it made me laugh. Third and Delaware is all about the so-called "fashion" on the popular 1990's television show, Roseanne. It takes you through every episode, showcasing the most ridiculous outfits.

Yeah, I know that fashion wasn't the number one priority for the Conner's. But the funny thing is back when this show was on I wouldn't have looked twice at these outfits. They were totally normal for that time. Oh how far we have come...

Take some time and look through...and be sure to read what they have written (half of the time it's just as funny as the pictures). Sorry I didn't share this with you all sooner. If you haven't seen this before make sure you check it out.