Best & Worst Dressed of the SAG Awards

Last evening was the SAG Awards. Were you watching? I have to admit, overall the looks on the red carpet were really fantastic. I thought that the majority of celebrities stepped it up from the Golden Globes a few weeks ago. At the Golden Globes it seemed as though everyone was either in nude or black...and at last night's SAG Awards a lot more color was worn which made me smile.


Michelle Williams looked so lovely in red. Simple yet totally chic. She was my favorite of the evening.

Emily Blunt's dress was a show stopper. On TV it looked more lime in color than it does here in this photo. I love it either way.

Diane Lane was a dream in this blue one shoulder number. She kept her hair up in a simple ponytail. Supposedly it was rather warm in LA being comfortable was key!


Amber Heard (who I'm still not sure who she is...but here she looks so much like Scarlett Johansson) looks like she ran into Edward Scissorhands on the way to the red carpet. I'm fine with cut-outs...but this was just too much. Can we say overkill?

Rose Byrne...where do I begin? Let me start out with a compliment: I love her hair! Now, on to the jumpsuit. When they were initially interviewing her they just showed the top portion of her outfit and I thought she looked really cute...and then they scrolled down. It's like she raided Elvis's closet. 

I really hate it when bad fashion happens to good people. Kristen Wiig...what the heck are you wearing? The color and style of the dress aren't terrible. I do wish that the waist was higher and not dropped like this. It just makes her look dumpy. My biggest issue (what makes her my worst dressed of the night) is that she is wearing a halter and a big ugly choker. Kristen, take note: you do not wear a fat choker (or really any necklace like that) with a halter style dress. NEVER.

Who made your best and worst dressed lists of the SAG Awards? Do you agree with my list?