SAG Award "Hangout"

This Sunday is the SAG Awards...and Snapshot Fashion is going to host another Google+ hangout session where we will talk about the fashions on the red carpet. I did this a couple of weeks ago for the Golden Globes, and even though it was fun I will be the first to admit that there were a bunch of hiccups in figuring out Google+. I had never used it before (oops!)...but I think I have it figured out and hopefully it will run a lot more smoothly this time. This will sort of be a mini-practice session because I will also be doing this for the upcoming Oscars.

If you want to join in on the video chat session please be sure you have Google+, a webcam, and E! channel. Please email me if you are interested. The red carpet begins at 6pm eastern time on Sunday, January 29th on E!.