Hinesite Vintage

When I moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania fellow blogger Sammy Davis told me that I had to check out Hinesite Vintage downtown. Since Sammy told me about this amazing vintage wonderland of a store I stopped in a couple of times. You could literally spend hours there!

So the other week when I saw that they were looking for models for photos they were shooting for their website I thought I'd volunteer. A chance to try on some amazing pieces and meet the owner Elizabeth Hine and her fabulous employee Lily...count me in!


tower of metallic shoes

Lily and Elizabeth

Behind the scenes- Here Lily is snapping some fabulous photos of Sharon.

And now for a few of the images from the photoshoot I did along with Sharon and Lily. It was a fun time. I'm 100% not a model, and can be quite awkward...but Lily was super patient with me and Sharon was a hoot! Thanks again for a great experience ladies! FYI...I do not know what was up with my hair that day. I curled it three times that day and it wouldn't stay...of all days!!!

After this experience I made a vow to myself to start incorporating more vintage into my wardrobe. When I was younger I would wear vintage items all the time. But as of lately I have just gotten lazy...*sigh* There is no excuse for laziness when there is clothing as amazing as this out there. Bring on the vintage!!!

Be sure to stop by Hinesite Vintage the next time you are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Don't worry, if you don't live in the area, be sure to check out items for sale on their Ebay site.