Fashion Hangout- The Video

Thanks a MILLION to everyone that joined me tonight in the Fashion Chat I co-hosted with Melbourne fashion blogger, Sevan from Seven Autumn Leaves. In addition to the two of us where Cath from AsianCajuns, Kristen Terrana, and Tara Macolino. We had a little bit of technical difficulties in the to start out...but figured things out after a while. I blame Google. But you girls really were good sports...and I appreciate all your questions and advice! You all rock!  :-)

Check out the video below (or watch directly on YouTube) and listen to us answer reader's questions, talk about favorite current fashion trends, and watch us as we all participate in the lightening round.

I'm planning to do more of these in the future. My dream is for Google+ hangouts to catch on. It's such a great way for all of us to communicate...but I often feel like a lot of us in the blogger world get stuck behind the keyboard and are afraid of actual interaction. Look at's fun! So I hope that in the future more people will want to join. And if you would like to co-host a future broadcast with me, let me know!