Urban Turban

This weekend I finally made it down to Joe Fresh for the first time. I know a lot of my Canadian friends have been raving about them for quite some time now. I have to admit, when I walked into the store I was in love. Super affordable prices, bold colors, and their items fit me so well (that is if you don't count the one item I bought that was obviously not sized properly...and my husband will be returning this week for me).

As I mentioned to everyone in my hangout on Friday, pants in my wardrobe are seriously lacking! So I was super happy to purchase these raspberry hued capri pants. Perfect for summer!!!

Another thing I totally fell in love with over the weekend was Garneir's Olia haircolor. Have you tried this product yet??? I was in desperate need of color because my hair is so white without it (even though I know nobody believes me, it is!) and didn't really want to spend over $100-150+ at the salon. So I thought I'd give Olia a try. 

I was so impressed at how rich the color was! It also made my hair so soft and silky...and didn't stink! I know if I color my hair at home in the future I will definitely be using Olia. Take it from me (someone that has tried just about every hair coloring product out there), this really is the best hair color I have tried in a long time!

tshirt- Joe Fresh
capri pants- Joe Fresh
headwrap (scarf)- H&M
necklace- Urban Outfitters
sandals- Charlotte Ronson
sunglasses- Michael Stars

Personally, I'm still torn on whether or not I can pull this headwrap off. The more I wear it, the more it is starting to grow on me. What are your thoughts on this bohemian trend?