It's A Mod, Mod World

I don't know what I am more in love with here...this dress or this view! Muse was kind enough to send over this amazing dress. The bold pink hue, the classic sheath design, and the fun mod style...this dress has it all. Perfect for the work place, brunch with the girls, or even to wear to a daytime wedding.

dress- c/o Muse
shoes- Simply Vera
sunglasses- Michael Stars

So I'm sure my regular readers are probably scratching their heads thinking, where are you??? No, this is not the view from my apartment. My NYC apartment view is hardly this glamorous. My friend from North Carolina came to town with her husband and they ended up staying at her husband's uncle's apartment. His uncle was out of town so she invited me over to hangout. I was not anticipating a view like this! Simply breathtaking! 

There is something really amazing about New York City when you look down on it. We were peering out on  the city from the 36th floor. Everything looked so small and calm. It was quite beautiful.

I realize I'm not smiling in any of these photos. I guess that is because it is practically 90 degrees here! This heat we are having here in the northeast is so unbearable. But at least after we snapped these few photos we went swimming to cool off (indoors of course!). How are you dealing with the heatwave???