*Wedding Weekend*

So you may remember a few months back when I was asking for your help to pick out a bridesmaid dress for my friend Holly's wedding. After having it sit in my closet for months I finally get to wear it this weekend!!! I can't tell you how tempted I was to wear it, but I know how clumsy and messy I can be. I could only imagine ripping it or spilling something on myself...so I resisted!

Today my husband and I are heading to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. This afternoon we'll be going on a wine tasting...which I am so excited for! I have never been on one. Hanging out with friends and enjoying some yummy wine??? Sounds like an ideal afternoon to me! Saturday during the day we'll have the morning/early afternoon to ourselves. Not really sure what we'll do (we aren't very outdoorsy or into nature/hiking)...but will probably do some sightseeing and check out the surrounding areas. Then Saturday night is the big event!!! I'm just so overjoyed for her...and let's hope I can hold back the tears (which is rather doubtful since I cry at every episode of My Fair Wedding).

If you want to follow along on my wedding weekend adventures, be sure to follow my instagram! I'll be updating it regularly...as long as there is cell reception up there!