Look of the Day- Sweet & Sassy

Two of my favorite colors have to be black and pink. I swear most of my wardrobe is black. You can make all the jokes about New Yorkers and their dark garb, but it really is just so much more practical. But how can you make a full black wardrobe a little more interesting? Adding pops of color, like the hot pink shown below, really gives that extra punch that makes an outfit special.

Look of the Day

1) Gardenhead Viola Halo Headwrap available at Urban Outfitters- $24
2) Farewell Floral Peplum Blouse by C.Luce available at Piperlime- $59
3) Neon Pop Clutch available at Forever 21- $19.80
4) Mossimo Faux Leather Quilted Mini Skirt available at Target- $24.99

Do you have a color that seems to take over your wardrobe? What is your favorite color to wear?