*Snapshot Fashion on Instagram*

Where would I be without Instagram...seriously? I'm obsessed with taking photos and I know I use the app way too much. If you aren't following me on there yet, get to it: @snapshotfashion. Here are some highlights over the last week and a half, in case you missed them.

My lhasa-poo got a haircut. Short and cool for the summer. He was so proud of this haircut that he pranced the entire way home with this huge smile on his face!

Sammy Davis Vintage invited me to the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn to take event photos of a Vintage Sellers/SEO Event she was hosting. Oh yeah, not only do I do portrait photography, but I take event photos too! Be sure to check out Diane Dulgerian Photography for more information.

I made the most amazing strawberry jam! It was super simple (only three ingredients) and so delicious!

My husband and I headed to Brooklyn Heights for lunch. We came across the Henry Street Ale House...which was the perfect pub. If you go there try the turkey club. It had Granny Smith apples in it and tarragon mayo which made it amazing! Best turkey club of my life.

Poor Rocko got so sick this week. He spent the majority of Wednesday in my bed. He's all better now though...thank goodness.

Are you on Instagram? If so be sure to let me know so I can follow along. I love keeping up with my readers and fellow bloggers.