Summer Nights

Over the weekend we headed out to Orient, NY to my in-law's beach house because two of my husband's cousins were celebrating their birthdays. We haven't been out to Orient in over a year and this was the first time I got to celebrate Matthew and Alex's birthday's with them (even though I've been with my husband for eight and a half years).

The weather was quite lovely there this weekend. Saturday night was warm and the sunset was gorgeous! I only noticed the amazing colors when the sun was almost down. So I ran upstairs and told my husband to take some photos of me on their balcony.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress from H&M. I wear it way too often. I love how the panel style is figure flattering, and who doesn't love the cut out feature?!?! Oh yeah, it also kind of looks like a scuba suit...haha! It's definitely a little out of my comfort zone...but fashion is all about trying new things. Don't you agree? 

What piece do you have in your closet that you have bought in order to try to step out of your comfort zone?

 dress- H&M
bracelets- vintage

So I have a question for you all. Do you hate little baby hairs as much as I do? I'm thinking of getting bangs again. I know, I know...I just grew them out. But, all of these little baby hairs on my hairline are driving me crazy! I don't think I can take it much longer. I'm looking at these photos and that is all I can focus on. UGH!

What do you think: should I get bangs again?