Ice Cream Monsters

I've been meaning to take photos here since we moved to Brooklyn. This amazing mural is across the street from our apartment building...and I can't get enough of it! Monsters, ice cream, and the color love love it. One thing about Brooklyn that I do love is all of the street art. Hopefully when the weather gets a bit nicer I'll be posting more and more of it here. 

Today, with the wind chill the temperature was about 5 degrees when we took these photos. Brrrrrr!!! We rain outside, snapped away, and ran back in. Basically, I just wanted to show you all one of my new coats! I needed a new one desperately. The purple coat which I have featured on here a number of times (see here, and here) has broken. The stupid zipper broke two times on me this week...and now I can't even open it. I've had it for about 5 or 6 years now...and have worn it to death. So yesterday I went coat shopping. Not an easy task since many of the stores have their spring clothing out already. But Zara had some amazing deals on their winter outerwear. I grabbed two coats there, both on sale! This houndstooth beauty was only $49.99 (which was half off of the original price).

tights- H&M
scarf- gift from my parents
hat- Urban Outfitters

You might be noticing that my bangs are looking a little different. I decided to switch things up a bit and let my blunt bangs grow out. So last weekend I went to the cutest hair salon down the street from me called Head Chop and had my blunt bangs turned in to side swept bangs...for a smoother transition. 

My favorite and most useful gift this Christmas has to be these Hunter boots (in the shade of lipstick). First off, they are adorable. Secondly, with this insane weather we have been having lately I'm wearing them all the time.

Rocko even has booties he needs to wear. With the amount of salt that gets dumped on the streets and sidewalks he cries out in pain if he doesn't have them on. Or maybe he is just being a puppy fashionista!

Today we're suppose to be getting another inch of snow (ugh!) and more brutal cold next week. I seriously can't take this weather much longer. BRING ON SPRING!!! My trip to San Francisco at the end of March can't get here soon enough.

What are your plans this weekend???