It's A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood

As soon as I woke up this morning I was beyond excited to hear that it was in the low 50s! HELLO AUTUMN! I have been waiting for this cooler weather for quite some time...mainly so I could wear my new faux fur coat. It's not heavy enough for winter I have to give it as much attention in fall as possible.

Today was also a great morning to go for a walk around my neighborhood (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). I definitely wanted to stop by this new mural that Kobra just put up last week. It is amazing! I mean, his work always is, but this mural made the art history major in me swoon.

Even Rocko liked it!!!  :-)

A staple in my wardrobe has to be black booties. I just realized that I have five pairs of short black ankle boots...and I don't think that is enough. Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed. What is your must have wardrobe staple???

dress: Forever 21 (now on sale!)/ faux fur coat: H&M/ tights: H&M/ belt: Kohl's/ fringe purse: H&M/ booties: Silence + Noise available at Urban Outfitters (now on sale!)/ hat: H&M

Rocko and I might look happy here but we're both sick. I think I'm coming down with the cold my husband had last week (ugh!), and poor little Rocko is having the worst allergy attacks lately. I have to call the vet this morning, and hopefully his doctor can see him today. Fingers crossed! I hate it when this fluffball isn't feeling well.