Floral + Pleather

tunic: Zara thrifted at Crossroads Trading Co./pleather pants: H&M/necklace: Baublebar/boots: Dr. Martens

Today I decided to do something a little crazy and out of the ordinary...wear pants! I absolutely love my tights and live in skirts and dresses (yes, even on the weekends). I guess I was feeling a little crazy today. Maybe because it is February...maybe because of the snowstorm on the horizon...maybe because of all of the smoke I breathed in yesterday...who knows!?!?

I really love this new tunic (or maybe it is a shrunken dress?) that I picked up at Crossroads Trading Co. I always have the best luck there. Speaking of Crossroads, I really need to get there very soon. My closet is overflowing and I need to get rid of some stuff (AKA make room for some new clothing).