Featuring Mollypacks by Molly Shaheen

Truth be told: I don't think I ever thought that I would be smiling this big over a fannypack. Or so I thought. That was what I thought before I came across this Mollypack by Molly Shaheen. The unique shape and the bold color won over my heart.

This Mollypack is handmade in NYC and is 100% leather. The adjustable belt also detatches if you want to use it as a clutch. This Textured Berry Purple Circle Mollypack is from her Spring 2015 Collection.

Summer is coming up and that really is the perfect time for a bag like this. Between concerts and summer festivals...a no fuss Mollypack would be ideal. I, however, decided to show you all that a Mollypack is really for any look or occasion. Doesn't it look great with a little black dress?

Jump on over to Molly Shaheen and order your Mollypack today!