The Big Freeze

I know the thermometers show that it is warmer in NYC today...but it sure feels colder to me! I just got in from walking Rocko and I literally can't feel my feet. I was only outside for about three minutes. You'd think I was from the south or out west the way I complain about the cold. But no, I have lived in the northeast all my life.

The only thing I like about the winter season is fabulous outerwear. I am obsessed with coats! Aren't you? Here are the coats I'm currently obsessing over. And what makes them all even better is they are all on sale!

Anna Tweed Swing Coat with Removable Faux Fur Collar available at Brooklyn Industries- $188 $129.99

Dusken Funnelneck Coat available at Anthropologie- $298 $149.95

Merona Wool Coat with Shawl Collar and Belt available at Target- $59.99 $41.98

Cream Minimalist Coat available at Zara- $129 $89.99

Wonderland Wool Collarless Coat available at French Connection- $368 $149.99

How has the weather been by you? I have talked to some people that live out in the Midwest, up in Canada, and in New England and I really have nothing to complain about. I hope everyone just stays warm!!!

Freezing on the Red Carpet

I was so surprised to hear that it's going to be a chilly evening tonight on the red carpet in Los Angeles. We're talking in the 40s people! My first thought was, what are the actresses going to be wearing to stay warm? Long sleeves, maybe? Or will they opt for a jacket or shawl of some sort? I personally know that if I were there I'd be wearing SOMETHING (anything) on my arms. I know that when my arms are cold it makes my entire body cold. I thought that these jackets would be totally wearable over a stunning Oscar gown and not distracting.

What do you think? What would you wear over a red carpet evening gown? Would you just wear long sleeves? Or would just suck it up, show your bare arms, and freeze for fashion?

Looks for Less

Over the last few days in NYC the weather has been so chilly! No snow here yet...thank goodness. But it seems as though much of the rest of the country hasn't been so lucky. The fact that it is snowing in the Midwest already is just so crazy to me. I have a feeling we're all in for a snowy winter.

There is only one way I know how to prepare for chilly temps...and that is with wearing a nice warm winter coat. Coats can be mighty pricey...but I have looked far and wide for the best outwear out there that is UNDER $100. Here are my top ten picks---