'70s Vibes

I never wear anything high waisted, bell bottomed, or even pants for that matter! However, when I came across these adorable bell bottoms this past week at Lord & Taylor I had to pick them up. They are so super comfy and have some great stretch to them.

With the rain on the way I thought an extra long walk with my pup this morning was necessary. Gotta tire the little guy out while I can as he'll be spending much of the weekend indoors. So a stroll to the south side of Williamsburg was on the agenda.

What do you all think of bell bottom pants making a comeback? I'm kind of in love with '70s fashion at the moment (maybe it's all of those old episodes of Three's Company I have been watching lately)...so I say bring them on! I mean you can't wear skinny jeans all the time. Right?

While we were out we stopped by Meyer's Bageri for some breakfast. My husband opted for the ham and cheese danish, while I satisfied my sweet tooth with a raspberry danish. YUM!!! We were both in heaven with these treats!

Here's to a wonderful weekend...no matter how soggy and wet it is!